Business Fields

Our Business Fields

For more than a century, Seibundo has published technical and business works in the fields of science, technology, lifestyle and culture.

More recently, we have expanded our business to organizing special events, seminars, e-commerce and other activities. We are committed to further expanding our content-related business to meet the needs of all customers using varied formats and approaches.

Pioneers in publishing since 1912

Over the decades, we have published accessible books and magazines that provide the information demanded by the times. The Anglo-Japanese Conversation Manual (Nichibei kaiwa techo), for example, was published less than two months after World War II ended in anticipation of Japanese society’s need for English conversation skills.

Wide-ranging experience
in publishing translated works

We have a wealth of experience in publishing translated works around the world, including in China, Taiwan, South Korea, the United States, France, Germany, Spain, Thailand and Vietnam.

for Publisher

Publications in diverse genres

We publish more than 200 books and issues for nine magazines annually across a range of genres and categories including the sciences, astronomy, computing, agriculture, gardening, flowers, art, handicrafts, cooking, hobbies, pets, children’s books/magazines, general education, and entertainment.

Our Brands

Monthly Astronomy Guide

For hobbyists who love the starry sky
Founded in 1965, Monthly Astronomy Guide (Gekkan tenmon gaido) was created for readers interested in the stars and outer space, with content covering everything from tips for viewing popular stargazing events to prominent space-related topics.


For florists and floral designers
First released in 1984, Florist is a source of information on floral art and business for contemporary flower shops. Articles showcase seasonal floral arrangements, bouquets and displays created by leading floral designers from Japan and abroad.

Science for Kids

For future scientists
A monthly science magazine aimed at children in elementary and middle school, Science for Kids (Kodomo no kagaku) was launched in 1924 and over the last century has provided the latest scientific information across the fields of space, living creatures and technology.

MJ Wireless Radio

For audiophiles and homemade audio hobbyists
First published in 1924, MJ Wireless Radio and Experiments (MJ musen to jikken) is a comprehensive monthly publication featuring articles on building vacuum tube and semiconductor amplifiers. It also covers the latest in audio products, high-quality music software, listening room technologies and more.


For graphic design creators
Idea debuted in 1952 and focuses on graphic design and typography. Over the years, this publication has continued to provide readers worldwide with information on design old and new from both the East and the West.

Agriculture and Horticulture

For agriculture and horticulture practitioners
First published in 1926, Agriculture and Horticulture (Noko to engei) primarily offers information on vegetable, flower and fruit tree growing technologies and techniques. Articles introduce new plant, tree and flower varieties as well as cultivation equipment, the latest information on product distribution, marketing and more.

Events: Real-life, hands-on experiences taken
from the pages of our books and magazines

With a focus on workshops and discussion sessions, we organize a wide variety of events including exhibitions and package tours. Real-life experiences are more important than ever in our increasingly digitalized world, and we specialize in delivering high-quality, in-person content.

Products: Novel merchandise with roots in book publishing

We sell unique merchandise affiliated with books and magazines, as well as products created through collaborations with other companies. Leveraging our planning capabilities and business networks built up through our book-publishing experience, we pursue new product development to communicate information using new formats and approaches.

KoKa Shop!

KoKa Shop!

KoKa Shop! is an online shop that sells electronic programming, crafting and experiment kits released in conjunction with featured topics in Science for Kids (Kodomo no kagaku).

Websites and online magazines

An enriching online magazine features fun-to-read, laid-back articles that nourish the mind and add spice to everyday life.

KoKa Net

KoKa Net

Hands-on experiences to teach science and foster future scientists
This multimedia site based on Science for Kids (Kodomo no kagaku) delivers science news, information on special events, product information, educational content, online columns and more.

Plant Life

Plant Life

Digital flower- and plant-related media to soothe the soul
This website offers fun special features written by plant specialists and florists from in-demand flower shops around Japan, appealing user-generated posts, and other great content.



Covering everything from production to distribution
Geared toward farmers, Karuchibe offers the latest in agriculture-related news, information about production technologies, insights into market trends and more.


Creator’s Value

Supporting creators in their endeavors
This online forum introduces works by registered creators to people in Japan and the rest of the world. It also features content affiliated with Design Note and Illust Note.

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