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The Canon of Judo —Classic Teachings on Principles and Techniques

著者: Kyuzo Mifune





 The book is structured into two main parts: General Overview and Technique. In the Technique section, it begins with etiquette, covering basic techniques, pins, strangles, joint locks, ground and secret techniques, and more. Mifune, a 10th dan, personally demonstrates in about 1000 sequential photographs.


 This publication was initiated by Kikumatsu Ogawa, founder of Seibundo Shinkosha, after learning of the burgeoning interest in judo study abroad in 1952. It was realized after direct negotiations with 10th dan Mifune. The English edition also became a long seller, contributing to the global boom in judo.


 The first edition was published in May 1954, titled “Judo Kyoten: The Way and the Technique.” A decade after its release, judo was featured as an official sport in the Tokyo Olympics.


 In this revision, the usage of terms was reviewed, and new explanatory manuscripts were developed, with Mifune confirming the content. Sadly, he passed away in January 1965, before seeing the publication of this revised edition.


Kyuzo Mifune

In 1945 (Showa 20), he was awarded the highest rank of Judo, 10th dan, at Kodokan and received the title of master. He put into practice the theories of Jigoro Kano, the founder of judo, and was also referred to as the god of judo. He lived from 1883 (Meiji 16) to 1965 (Showa 40).


商品名 The Canon of Judo —Classic Teachings on Principles and Techniques

商品名(カナ) ザ キャノン オブ ジュードー クラシック ティーチングス オン プリンシプルズ アンド テクニックス

シリーズ名 名著復刻

著者名 Kyuzo Mifune

判型 B5

ページ数 254

General remarks-Mainly of historic development
Special treatise-Mainly as to interpretation of meaning
Hints before training tricks
Spirit in saluting/Posture/Preparatory and final training/Meaning of posture breaking/Meaning of free-play training/Meaning of form/Factor in mastery/‘Tsukuri’ and ‘Kake’/Chance and way to apply Technique/Theory of game 
Five principles
All 40 techniques (waza) explained with photos
Shime (Wringing)
Inverse tricks
Ura-waza (Reverse trick)
Reference technique
Reverse forms of throwing trick
General resusciation


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